FAFSA/Student Aid

FAFSA FRENZY will be held on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 8:30AM to 10:30AM. 

Ms. Annie Trout will be here to assist parents and/or students with completing the FAFSA.  Please create your FAFSA ID beforehand to save time.  There should be a total of two FAFSA ID's -  one for the parent and one for the student.  (The FAFSA ID's will be used every year your child is in college so please save this information.)

Parents, if you are not able to attend, please make sure your child has your FAFSA ID information along with the additional items on the checklist. 

Need help with the FAFSA?

Columbia State Community College

Jones Student Center, room 103


List of Financial Aid Resources

The official FAFSA website is fafsa.gov. That’s “.gov”! You never have to pay to complete the FAFSA form. If you’re asked to provide credit card information, you’re not on the official government website.

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