2020 Summer School

Maury County Virtual Summer School Information Guide


Students in grades 9-12 will be able to complete Credit Recovery using Edgenuity.

If a student is interested in summer school they should contact their school administrator.

The school will complete the application and submit it to Mrs. McWilliams  at [email protected]

The MCPS Summer School Staff will check Edgenuity for assignments and set up the virtual experience for the student.

The student will then be contacted by MCPS Summer School Staff to make sure a device and access is available for the student to begin working on their assignments.

Students will be monitored and assisted by Summer School Staff. There will be available times for students to receive virtual and possibly in person tutoring outside of Edgenuity if needed.

Once course work is completed a final report with grades will be sent to the student, parent, and the school administration for documentation.

Seniors that complete their graduation requirements will be receiving a diploma from their school and allowed to participate in their schools’ graduation ceremony.

Summer School will run from May 20-June 25th.